a little about me

Hello amazing people 🙂

I am Aubrey K. Wallace and I was brought into this world on June 24, 2002 to share the good news of Jesus!!  I love people, laughing until my stomach hurts, high school musical & puppies! I go to Blanchard Church of Christ & am constantly blessed by my church family.  I go to a small town high school & there I play softball, basketball, am apart of the great OKFFA organization, and have the most school spirit. ever. #gopanthers

On June 15, 2015 with one of my very best friends, we made the decision to dedicate our lives to Jesus and to be washed of our sins at our very favorite place.

I have two brothers who make me laugh until I cry, who I love very much & my parents are two of greatest people I’ve ever known.  My sweet momma loves working with her special ed kids & basketball & my daddio is a sweet tea loving police officer!

I created this blog a little bit over a year ago to just share any encouragement I might have!