my built in best friend

mother,mom,madre,momma,mommy, caregiver, etc.

i don’t even know where to start. first off is

thank you for..

  • just being you
  • always complimenting me
  • taking me to all the places i need to be
  • staying up through the night when im sick
  • being my biggest fan
  • having high expectations for me but being understanding if i fall short, as long as i tried my best
  • being at everything
  • disciplining me
  • taking me to church
  • loving basketball
  • how you treat my friends
  • making me clean my room
  • always being down for some ice cream
  • trusting me
  • believing in me


now, some of those i listed were sillier than others but they are all so very true.

you are super woman,

and unfortunately i haven’t always realized that and treated you how you should be. and for that i am truly sorry.

often times sassing her , talking back and honestly just disrespecting her was a daily thing when i was younger. (not saying it doesn’t happen now) but not nearly as much and i feel so so awful after i do it.

you’re the best role model and mom i could’ve asked for. i hope and pray that i can be half the mom and person you are someday. i wouldn’t be who i am today without you.

thanks a million mom.

with so much love,

-auby k

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