so God made brothers

i was blessed with the greatest big brother.

he was just four when i was brought into this roller coaster we call life and man let me tell you our relationship has been just that. a roller coaster. i always tell the story if when i was just a baby and my brother thought putting a pillow over my face would make me more comfortable. i always joke with him about what he was really trying to do but, i know his intentions were in the right place.

im sure like most siblings we of course fought, but we sure had some heated ones. i would have never thought that now i would call him my best friend. like i said earlier he is 4 years older than me and has always been around, but when i was 13 i was blessed with another big brother. now, of course biologically he is not my brother but my cousin. however in my heart (and the law) he is my brother.

5 reasons why brothers are the best thing and one of your biggest blessings.

  1. they are always there no matter the circumstances. – like once, i was at a friends and i was feeling so sick and jonas was first to volunteer to come get me.
  2. they will be your best friend sometime in your life. – man wyatt, i don’t really have a story he has just always been there, through the good and bad.
  3. they always (well most of the time) have your best interest at heart. – i remember one time i had just started experimenting with makeup (lol) and wyatt told me to not to leave the house like that.
  4. they always find a way to make you smile / laugh no matter how mad or upset you are. when most of the time your mad at them. – i can’t even count how many times wyatt has done this when i was so mad at him.
  5. they are always honest. maybe a little too honest sometimes but hey, they are your brothers.

maybe you aren’t in the same place as i am with mine but hopefully one day you’ll get there. so, if you were blessed with as great of brothers as me, hold them close and don’t let them go.

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