it’s okay to put down your guard, to not portray to everyone that you have this perfect life.
  i know it’s hard, uncomfortable, nerve wracking. it’s scary, the thought of what people might think. 

  i know because that’s me. i’m the girl that lets very few people into the struggles of my life. i make my life seem perfect. social media makes it sooo easy now a days, but i also just do it by the way i talk & carry myself like i have zero struggles, worries & problems. which is so not the case. i do it because i don’t want people to think i’m weak, that i struggle, that i’m not perfect. but you know what? my God is so strong & mighty, he comforts me when i struggle, he knows my weaknesses and he sent his one & only PERFECT son to die for OUR sins so that way we can be forgiven of our struggles & sins. so just trust God & everything will work out. i know that made it sound easy, but i also know that it isn’t that simple. however, one of these days it will click. it’ll click that God knows all your struggles AND GET THIS he still loves, cares & forgives you everyday. 

  so don’t get too caught up in always putting up a front to everyone. 

  YOU ARE LOVED, CARED FOR, AND ADORED. so be you, the REAL you… and trust in him. 

  Jeremiah 17:7 – “blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord, whose trust is the Lord”  

with so much love, aubs 

not a care in the world for the short time i’m in my hammock ^^ 

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