focus on the good

really, it’s so sumple. just to focus on the good & positives. 

haha i wish. for those of you who only got from that sentence that i misspelled “simple”, we are the same person & it’s the perfect example. 

i catch myself seeking out the negatives & mistakes in EVERYTHING. i’m so so bad about it. even on Sunday mornings during worship (sorry buster) i promise it is unintentional, it just happens and man do i wish it didn’t. 
trying to get past seeing the mistakes is tough. 

i know that there was and will only ever be one perfect person that walked in this earth and he died for me & you, so we ALL are imperfect human beings, but i still struggle with seeking out the mistakes. 
but i know, with lots of prayer & patience God will redirect my heart from seeking out the negatives to seeing all his beautiful creations (YOU) that are right in front of me. just like this picture, i could focus on how this isn’t the most flattering picture of me, or i could focus on the great guy beside me that God blessed me with and all his beautiful creations around us ❤ 

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