i’m going to be 100% with you guys in these next few sentences.

 my spiritual life this past year has been quite the rollar coaster. by that i mean the only times i would pray or read his word would be when something was going wrong, and that wasn’t even all the time. the other times i was going through hard things i didn’t talk to God and was soo distant and basically angry at him.but then, one day it clicked that being a christian is not to be taken lightly.

all or nothing, no half way. 

i had read Revaltions 3:16 before & really had never thought much about it until one day i stumbled across it and that’s the day it clicked. verse 16 says “so because you are neither hot nor cold i will spit you out of my mouth” that’s when i realized this isn’t a joke, if i wanted to have eternal life with Christ i was going to have to be all in. i’m going to have to talk to God at ALL times not just when i’m hurting. 

prayer is not just for asking for something to happen, prayer is our way to communicate with God, it can be used for needs/wants, praise and thanksgiving

so, if you’re on your rollarcoaster, don’t get discouraged. i’ve been there. 

know that God wants YOU no matter what you’ve done or what you’re going to do. be all in for him. 

with love & prayer, aubs 🙂 

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