this might start out a little weird. stay with me. 

i don’t know if this is just something i do but it never fails everytime i get sick i always think “man i wish i would’ve appreciated the time when i wasn’t sick” you’re probably thinking either what the heck is she talking about, i relate or how is this going to relate to anything. maybe what i’m about to say doesn’t relate or hopefully it does. but i know i’ve done this with my spiritual life multiple times. life’s been going good, i’m just going along and BAM something bad hits and i immediately turn to God, even though through the times where life was going good i wasn’t talking to him how i should be. i wasn’t appreciating the good he was doing in my life. i wasn’t thanking him for all the blessings i have because of him.

we need to talk to God at all times, the good & the bad. 

i pray you could relate this to your life in some way 🙂 

with joy & happiness 

– aubrey

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