help yourself, first.

yes, i’ve always tried to live by putting others first. that’s what we are called to do, be self-less. we do however, need to make sure we are right in whatever we are trying to help someone with. whether that be with the Lord, someone’s struggling with a certain temptation, etc.

for those who have never been on a plane before, the flight attendant, before take off explains all the safety precautions. they also strongly express how in a state of emergency when oxygen is needed, place your mask on first before helping others. that seems pretty obvious right? because how are we supposed to help someone when you don’t even have what you’re trying to give. if you don’t have oxygen you aren’t going to be able to breathe to help someone else with theirs, if you aren’t right with the Lord you aren’t going to be able to direct someone in his right path, if you aren’t full of joy you aren’t going to be able to help others from getting their happiness taken away.

i know personally i’m always telling people “God’s got this”, “you can make it through”, “trust him”, but i don’t always tell myself those things and full heartedly believe it.

in order for us to help others in the best way possible we need to believe what we are telling them.

remember: help yourself, to help others.


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