You didn’t get a choice

{You didn’t get to choose your beginning, but you can change your ending and everything in between}

Jesus didn’t choose to be born in Bethlehem and have to flee to escape slaughter , BUT he made the choice to make the most of what he had, and because of that choice he effected so many people then and now AND all us sinful people have a hope, and a saving grace because he did choose to die on the cross for our sins. he left a legacy no one can ever rise above.

BUT!!!!! that does not mean the legacy you can leave won’t be remembered.

life isn’t fair. that’s something we’ve probably all grown up hearing. mainly because we don’t get something we want ( @ me ) , but have you ever really thought about it? straight out the womb it isn’t fair. we don’t get to choose the family we are born into or in some cases if people are born with disabilities.  some people are born into great, loving, supportive families. unfortunately that isn’t the case with everyone. others are born into broken families who barely even acknowledge their existence. that right there isn’t “fair”.

one thing that we are all born with is an opportunity. everyday we have the opportunity to go out, change someone’s life, and make a name for ourselves. some people just got a head start.

so, no matter what people say you can’t do because of your last name, your family, or your past, don’t give up. prove ’em wrong.

you got this, and God has you.

prayin’ for ya & best of luck !!

with love,

aubs 🙂

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