i n s e c u r e

Insecure: not confident or assure; uncertain or anxious.

We all have them ( don’t even try lying to yourself) these insecurities whatever they might be are holding you back from what you could be.

Here are gonna be 6 steps to help you overcome your insecurities:

  1. Identify them
  2. Practice being objective
  3. Reflect on your successes and how your strengths helped you achieve them
  4. Assess your circumstances
  5. Engage in self – positive talk
  6. Make a full commitment to try to overcome them

I’m gonna give it a shot & share my 6 steps (there’s more non personal stuff below my 6 steps if you’d like to skip there) :

  1. I have an insecurity about being “too good” and also some other really silly ones  that when I type it out makes me feel embarrassed that I get so insecure about them, but when my laugh is definitely not one of the prettiest sounds you’ll hear and when I get to laughing really hard or smiling my eyes get basically non existent and I kind of look like a cabbage patch kid. So, for all the people who see me on a daily basis you’ll probably keep an eye out for that now but hey, it’s totally okay.
  2. By not focusing on these insecurities it’s going to allow me to be the best me and enjoy life. They aren’t as bad as I think they are.
  3. One thing I am proud of is just making the right decisions. The younger me chose to be intentional and make the right decisions and that made making those decisions all I know. My strength of doing the right thing when no one is watching and when it’s not necessarily the “cool” thing has helped me in a ton.
  4. So what I look like a cabbage patch kid when I laugh really hard or I’m a “goody two shoes”? Whats the worst thing thats gonna happen? Someone is gonna make fun of me when I’m genuinely happy or doing the right thing? Big whoop.
  5. I’m gonna do this to the best of my ability, one step at a time, be you & if someone doesn’t like it they don’t deserve you anyway.
  6. It takes 21 days for something to become a habit. For at least 21 days I’m gonna tell myself something positive about myself everyday.

I really don’t have control over the fact my laugh isn’t the prettiest sound, it just happens and it was something I was born with (thank you Jesus for making me unique) God loves me with my crazy laugh so much that he sent his son to die for my sins. I can’t control how I laugh, but I can control things like being kind, being myself, loving people & God’s creations, and making someones day better. I should be putting my focus into things like that rather than my insecurities.

Being insecure comes down to not having confidence. This verse has become part of my foundation.

Proverbs 3:26, For the Lord will be your confidence,
And will keep your foot from being caught.

There aren’t many things I can be confident about that will be there day after day, but the Lord is one of them.

I often find myself looking for my confidence in earthly things like sports, grades, appearance, likes, comments, basically anything that doesn’t help me be a better me.

*if you have made it this far, thank you, i love you, and we are almost finished*

Take out a pen, paper, or just think in your head. Write down or think of at least 5 things you truly love about yourself. Then study these, so you’ll never forget them. This is for when you are struggling with that insecurity or just a trial in your life you can step back and remember, “hey, you’re such a emotionally strong person, you got this” Constantly fill your head with positivity.

Everyone has insecurities, so remember you aren’t alone.

Intentionally be positive.

Love yourself, the real you.

Don’t ask what the world wants.

If there is a characteristic about you that is holding you back, change it. Now is the perfect time.

Praying that your insecurities won’t hold you back from what you could be & what you could experience.

I hope this helps in anyway possible.

With love, aubs (cpk)

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