You might not make it through this blog. 

In a book I’m reading with my youth group “Crazy love” by Francis Chan. He titled one of his chapters “you might not make it through this chapter”. He is meaning you could literally die. Right here. Right now. Reading this blog. 

With that being said…

  • Invite someone to church 
  • Talk in front of people 
  • Be yourself 
  • Cut your hair 
  • Forgive / laugh / cry 
  • Send that risky text 
  • Post that picture
  • Shoot your shot 

Most importantly, are you doing things for this life here on earth or for the better life beyond this world? Are you sharing the gospel & the good works of the Lord?

    Do what makes you happy. You don’t have enough time on this earth to do anything else but that. You don’t know tomorrow. Why wait?

    Don’t look back & say “I wish”. 

    Do good for this world, spread some Jesus. 😉 

                               with love, aubs 

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